Community Acupuncture Clinic



Acupuncture has been recognised worldwide as an effective treatment for chronic health issues. But, as it is mainly a private treatment, it has stayed beyond the financial reach of the majority.

The Community Acupuncture clinic is a worldwide movement which aims to provide a fairly priced treatment, making it affordable for all. The financial barrier has been removed and now everyone can take advantage of the amazing health benefits of Acupuncture.







The community clinic allows you to have a professional treatment at a significantly reduced rate.

£35 per full 1 hour session



You will receive a 1 hour session of acupuncture in a private ( not shared ) room. Your session is no different, or less, than any professional treatment given at Alba, as we are now a dedicated Community clinic.



Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. This allows easy access for treatment,
saves removing clothes and maintains modesty. Please bring a list of any medications
and current medical treatment.  -Make an appointment-


Opening Times:
Friday 10:45am – 5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am – 4:30pm