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In Edinburgh’s Old Town

Donald and practitioners welcome you to one of the first clinics in Edinburgh, entirely dedicated to Chinese medicine and run by members of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and The Acupuncture Society.

We aim at providing a friendly, professional and accessible service to everyone.
If you prefer a female practitioner please contact Monika or Charlotte:

We are Practitioners: Donald  Peter  Monika  Charlotte


You must read the questionnaire and then fill in the consent form. If you do not have a printer I can provide a copy in clinic. In which case please bring a pen.  -Please Click on ‘Covid Consent Form’ below-

Covid Consent

CLIENT – There is no waiting area for you or any companions to wait on you. Please arrive at your appointment time only. Bring a clean sheet and a towel in a clean bag (optional but helpful for me). Wash or gel hands on entering and keep minimum contact with any hard surfaces or door handles. It is imperative that you are wearing a mask- non surgical is fine. Payment will be by card only. If you require to drink fluids during your visit, then please bring along your own. Thank you.

Please Read:

How To Hand Wash

How To Hand Rub

Test and Trace



For my and your safety, I will be wearing a surgical mask. Gloves are only required for cleaning but I will be washing and gelling my hands regularly and after every contact with the client. Any hard surfaces that you are in contact with, especially the treatment area will be cleaned/ disinfected between each client. Close contact will be kept to a minimum. All waste will be disposed of either in clinical waste bags or according to gov’ guidelines.

Finally- it’s good to be getting back for both of us, I’m sure. Lets make it a safe and proper return by following all the guidelines to keep the virus at bay. If you have any queries, or require any information or help that has not been provided prior to your treatment, please contact me by email on

Due to the immense popularity of the Acupuncture Community clinic

Alba is now dedicated to providing “Community acupuncture treatment at the rate of £30. You can make an appointment for the Community Clinic from 9:30am-6pm Monday to Sunday.


How much will it cost?

Opening Times:
Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 8pm






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